本文摘要:Nine out of ten employers admit they always check social media before hiring applicants, it has been revealed。

Nine out of ten employers admit they always check social media before hiring applicants, it has been revealed。调查表明,九成雇员否认他们在要求聘请之前不会再行想到应聘者在社交网站上发的内容。Ninety-three percent use Facebook and Twitter ‘to keep tabs’ on potential candidates and to vet them pre-interview。93%的雇员不会通过Facebook和Twitter来注目潜在的雇员,并在试镜前审查他们。

But over half (55 percent) of recruiters have reconsidered appointing someone based on their social profile – with 61 percent of these U-turns due to ‘negative’ reasons。多达半数(55%)的聘用人员回应,在网页完了应聘者的社交资料后,他们不会重新考虑否该聘用他们,而这种翻转有61%是因为在社交网站上看到了“负面”的内容。This includes spotting use of profanities, spelling and grammar mistakes, illegal drug references, sexual posts and mention of alcohol use。


其中还包括看到说脏话,经常出现拼法和语法错误,谈到非法药物和饮酒,公布色情内容。The findings were revealed by recruiting software company, Jobvite, which surveyed 1,855 human resources managers in industries including engineering, IT, marketing and sales。研究的结果来自聘用软件公司Jobvite,它调查了1855名来自工程、信息技术、营销等各个领域的人事经理。

It comes as a separate survey of 2,000 14 to 25-year-olds by Barclay’s LifeSkills found that one in five (22 percent) admit to posting pictures from nights out。另外一项由巴克莱公司的生活技能网站积极开展的对2000名14岁到24岁年轻人的独立国家调查找到,五分之一(22%)的人否认曾把夜生活的照片零担网上。One in ten – 11 percent – regularly share photographs of themselves drinking。

其中十分之一(11%)的人会常常上载他们饮酒的照片。This is despite the fact that 77 percent of young people are aware that potential employers are checking social media profiles before hiring。尽管77%的年轻人告诉潜在雇员不会在聘请前查阅他们的社交资料,他们仍我行我素。A quarter (24 percent) still have no privacy settings in place and a further one in ten (11 percent) are unsure if they are protected or not。

四分之一(24%)的人没隐私设置。此外还有多达一成(11%)的人不确切自己是不是隐私设置。LifeSkills was created by Barclays to help young people get the skills they need to enter the world of work。巴克莱创办的生活技能网站目的协助年轻人提供他们步入职场所须要的技巧。


Kirstie Mackey, head of LifeSkills, said: ‘Employers are increasingly using social media to find out more about prospective candidates prior to meeting and making their hiring decisions。生活技能网站总裁克里斯托麦基回应:“更加多的雇员在试镜和要求雇佣前通过社交媒体来埋潜在雇员的更好信息。

‘In a competitive job market, it’s important to present yourself in the best possible way – both on and offline。“在这个竞争白热化的低收入市场,将你自己最极致的一面展出出来十分最重要,不管是线上还是线下。”‘You need to be shouting about positive experiences to boost your employability such as pinning top tweets demonstrating your achievements of which you are proud.’“你得把你自己正面的经历展出出来,来提高你被聘请的可能性,比如将你引以为傲的成就在推特上置顶。”She added that young people need to ‘spring clean’ their social media profiles。

她还补足道,年轻人得给自己的社交网站资料做到一个“大扫除”。‘It’s important to remember that what you do and say online could be seen by anyone and will be there forever,’ she said。她说道:“你得忘记,你在网上的所做所言,任何人都能看到,而且不会仍然在那儿。

‘Decide which social networking sites you want to keep away from work and use privacy setting to ensure your New Year’s Eve party pictures don’t spoil your chances with potential employers。“要求好哪些社交网站是要和工作阻隔的,在这些社交网站上做到隐私设置,保证你新年前夜的舞会派对照会烧掉你潜在的工作机会。‘Make sure you also remove/delete any social media profiles no longer in use. Just because you’re not updating your old Bebo and Myspace accounts doesn’t mean they no longer exist.’“另外,还要保证自己删去那些已仍然用于的社交账户的资料。